Upper Harbor

The redevelopment of Upper Harbor in North Minneapolis provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a large-scale, publicly-owned asset that will uplift the community and foster economic growth.

This redevelopment project is guided by a restorative approach to racial justice, reconnecting the Northside community to the river with community-focused development and the creation of parkland.

Upper Harbor

Achieve Equitable Development Principles
Include a First-Class Regional Park
Offer a Significant Riverfront-Oriented Destination
Provide High Quality, Community-Benefiting Private Development
Reflect the History of the Site
Incorporate High-Quality Design
Showcase "Green," Sustainable Approaches and Features
Feel Unique to this Specific Place

Upper Harbor
Will Bring

A 20-Acre Riverfront Park
Affordable Rental and Ownership Housing for Current Residents
300 Living Wage Jobs
A Health & Wellness Hub
A Community Performing Arts Center

Community Values

Economic Inclusion
Anti-Displacement and Anti-Gentrification
Wealth Creation and Community Ownership
Affordable Housing
Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Accessibility and Mobility to and within the Site

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